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Name:Mr. iwan mulyawan [Employee]
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Phone Number:+62778411411
Fax Number:+627784114787
Address:Jl kerapu No 02 Batu Ampar
Batam kepri, Kepulauan Riau
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Registration Date:Mar. 04, 2008
Last Updated:Mar. 04, 2008
Business Nature:Service of Environment category

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SURVEYOR INDONESIA as state-owned enterprises ( BUMN) was established on 1 August 1991. Initially our mission was to assist the Government of Republic Indonesia in expediting the flow of capital goods and equipment from all over the world to Indonesia, to the world class standard Pre-Shipment Inspection.
The Market we serve covers various sector including oil and gas, mining, manufaturing, telecommunication, banking and goverment. Throught our vast experience in different sector, we have built extensive knowledge in business process, which enable us to cater specific needs of our clients.
SHAREHOLDERSRepublic of Indonesia : 85, 12% Societe Generale de Surveillance.SA ( SGS) : 10, 40% Sucofindo : 4, 48%
SURVEYOR INDONESIA has its Head Quarter in Jakarta with 7 branches and representative offices worldwide, providing services to both domestic and International market. To ensure optimal service delivery, our worldwide network is supported by a number of partners from all over the world that have international reputation in their own fields.

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